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Last summer, we started to build Indicate based on a thesis: that data can help investors make better decisions. We huddled in the mountains of Whistler BC and established a vision of how our tools would give investors insight into how private companies perform; our goal was to help them - and us - find the diamonds in the rough. We came home with that in mind, and we executed. Indicate became a product.

We always saw that product as an experiment, with the goal of validating our idea of data-informed investment decisions. We found out it works, and we even made a few investments based on that thesis via our Crystal Tech Fund. Now we're ready for the next step.

At Disruption Corporation we are building a new kind of asset management and financial services firm, specifically designed to offer education, insight and access to the private market. We’ll be using Indicate to support that mission by developing it specifically for our analysts and enterprise clients.

As this next era unfolds, we are bringing the public-facing side of Indicate down. We are confident now that data-informed decision-making is here to stay, and that the best decisions are made from a combination of data and expertise. We intend to offer both.

You can learn more about how we will deliver this promise by visiting our products and services page.